Copenhagen Hospitality


One of the benefits of being recently returned to Copenhagen is a wealth of generous brunch, lunch and dinner invitations from friends whom we haven’t seen for a few years. This would be a treat in any part of the world and with any people we consider friends, but it’s a particular pleasure here in Denmark, where the Danes bring their classic sense of design, style and quality to the art of entertaining at home. In a little over two months, we’ve been the fortunate guests of numerous friends, and each one has presented an experience that would seamlessly fit into a Kinfolk Magazine spread or a Scandinavian-themed Pinterest board. Continue reading

Six Things I’ve Learned as a Short-term Home Schooler in Copenhagen


When we decided to move back to Denmark, we faced a small dilemma regarding timing. We briefly considered whether we should let the BBE finish out the school year in the U.S., but by that time I would be too pregnant to travel overseas. The thought of moving with a newborn sounded more daunting than moving while pregnant, which I’ve done a few times before, so we decided not to worry about finishing the school year in Virginia. But we also knew that it would probably be tricky to get the BBE into an international school with only a few months left in the year, as there tend to be a limited number of places. Knowing that I would be working from home as a part-time consultant, I suggested that this might present a unique opportunity to try our hand at “short-term home schooling”. It seemed like it could be a fun change of pace and a new experience for all of us…without actually committing us to full-fledged home schooling. Continue reading