The Art of the “Sommerferie”


Last Sunday, I was chatting with a friend about his summer vacation when he said, “I’m really not ready to go back to work on Monday.” I asked how long he’d been on holiday — or “sommerferie” in Danish — and he said, “Only two weeks. Three is really much better.”

As an American, the idea of a three-week vacation seems almost absurdly luxurious, but it’s very commonplace for Danes (and many Scandinavians) to take nearly a month off during the summer, usually in July. This year, we decided to take a page from the Danish playbook and enjoy three weeks up at a summer house on the north coast of Sjælland, the island where Copenhagen is located. Tomorrow we will leave the sommerhus, return to the Copenhagen area and prepare to get back to the business of work, school, etc. As we ready ourselves for a return to normal life, it occurs to me that my friend was right; three weeks of summer holiday really is better than two.  Here’s why:

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A Danish Delivery


On 29 June, our family welcomed our third child — and our second child born in Denmark — to the world. The experience of giving birth again in Denmark solidified my feeling that this is a fantastic place to have a baby (it does, in fact, consistently rank in the top 5 or 10 best places to give birth), so I thought I would share a few of the reasons why I particularly like Danish deliveries.

A quick disclaimer: This post is not intended to endorse any one type or style of childbirth over another. I have a simple philosophy when it comes to labor and delivery, namely that the main goal is to end up with a healthy baby and mother. However that goal is achieved, I think all mothers deserve huge credit and accolades for bringing a new life into the world.

With that said, I will admit that the Danish style of having babies suits me especially well. Here are a few reasons why:

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